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Many North American casinos offer the appropriately titled American roulette game. If you’re interested in playing the American version of roulette, then you should check out the following American roulette rules.

Rules for American Roulette

– What separates American roulette from other games is the fact that it offers 38 numbers. The extra number that American roulette has that other games don’t is the 00, which gives the house a higher edge (5.26%). Seeing as how American roulette features another number, the game gives players more betting options as well. One of these extra betting options is the top line bet, which enables players to wager on the first five numbers (00, 0, 1, 2, 3). However, it’s generally recommended that players not make this bet since it gives the house a 7.69% edge.

– While American roulette may have the most numbers, it works just like other forms of roulette in that there are both inside and outside bets. With inside bets, players are placing their chips directly on numbers (single number bet), or on the lines and corners of numbers (this enables players to bet on more numbers at once). With outside bets, players bet on the outside spaces such as 1-18, 19-36, Even, Odd, 2 to 1, etc.

– Outside bets cover more numbers than inside bets, thus giving players higher odds of winning. However, they also offer lower payouts, which keeps pretty much all American roulette wagers at the same house edge; the only exception is the aforementioned top line bet. Unfortunately, the American roulette table doesn’t list all of the payouts and odds, so you need to look this information up separately.

– Aside from outside and inside bets, another set of wagers that American roulette players can make are announced bets. These announced bets have specific names such as Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, Final and Neighbors.

– In online American roulette, you simply place your bet(s) on the table, and choose the “spin” option; once the ball comes to a stop on the wheel, your bet(s) will be decided. It’s worth mentioning that players can place multiple bets on the wheel at one time.

– As for casino American roulette, players can make bets until the dealer says, “No more bets.” When bets have been decided, the dealer will sweep away losing chips, and reward winning players with more chips. A marker is placed on the board to indicate that players can’t make any more bets.

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