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Everybody dreams of winning big money when they put their chips on the roulette table. And the following roulette legends have seen their wildest dreams come true after winning tons of money from casinos.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger was the first world-famous roulette player since he won what amounts to over £3 million today while playing roulette at the Beaux-Arts Casino in Monte Carlo. Jagger’s fortuitous journey began in the early 1870’s, when he sent six clerks to Monte Carlo to watch and record roulette wheel spins. The reason why Jagger sent them is that he was an engineer, and he had a hunch that not all roulette wheels were perfectly designed (wheel bias theory).

Sure enough, one of the clerks was able to discover a biased roulette wheel, and he returned to Jagger with the results. Jagger then traveled to Monte Carlo, and won tens of thousands of pounds by betting on the biased wheel. After the casino kept switching the biased wheel around at night, Jagger eventually stopped playing and took his newfound fortune home.

Ashley Revell

32-year-old Ashley Revell made major news headlines after he decided to sell every single thing he owned – except the shirt off his back – to play roulette with. The plan was to use all of the money that he made on a single spin, and several major television networks in both the UK and America picked up the story.

Once Revell sold all of his possessions, he had over $135,000 for his single roulette spin. While being filmed on the Sky One channel, Revell put all of money on red, and watched triumphantly when the ball landed on 7 red. After taking the huge risk, Revell doubled his money to $270k and went home.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Another wheel bias expert, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo traveled to various Spanish casinos with his kids to record roulette wheel spins. With all of the data that he accumulated, Garcia-Pelayo put the information into a computer, and calculated where the biased roulette wheels were.

Over the course of several months, Garcia-Pelayo had made millions of dollars playing casino roulette. However, it didn’t come without consequences since casinos both banned and sued the wheel bias master for his success. Fortunately for Garcia-Pelayo, the lawsuits were thrown out.

Charlie Wells

One roulette player who didn’t need wheel bias to accomplish his amazing feats was Charlie Wells. However, he did need to con people out of £4,000 so that he could travel to Monte Carlo in 1891 to play roulette. Fortunately for those who fell victim to Well’s lies about a secret invention in the works, he turned the £4k into several hundred thousand francs, which amounted to millions back then.

Not yet satisfied, Wells returned to Monte Carlo a second time and won over a million francs. However, the luck ran out when Well got greedy and went back a third time on a yacht paid for by fraudulently claimed investment money; Wells lost his entire fortune and the money of others this time around. Furthermore, he was arrested for fraud, and spent the rest of his life broke. Towards the end of his days, Wells admitted that the “secret” behind his roulette success was using the Martingale system.

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