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Roulette is a very interesting casino game because the house edge is the same with almost every bet. In fact, the only major discrepancy in the house edge depends on if you choose the European roulette wheel (2.63% edge) or the American roulette wheel (5.26% edge).

However, your odds of winning differ dramatically depending upon what bet you choose to make. For example, your odds of winning a red/black bet are far better than the chances of winning a single number bet. Taking all of this into account, here is a look at the odds of winning different roulette bets on both the European and American roulette wheels.

Single Number Bet – (American) 37:1 odds, (European) 36:1 odds, Payoff is 35:1

Split Bet – (American) 18:1 odds, (European) 17.5:1 odds, Payoff is 17:1

Street Bet – (American) 11.67:1 odds, (European) 11.33:1 odds, Payoff is 11:1

Corner Bet – (American) 8.5:1 odds, (European) 8.25:1 odds, Payoff is 8:1

Top Line Bet – (American roulette only) 6.6:1 odds, Payoff is 6:1

Six Line Bet – (American) 5.33:1 odds, (European) 5.18:1 odds, Payoff is 5:1

Column Bet – (American) 2.17:1 odds, (European) 2.08:1 odds, Payoff is 2:1

Dozen Bet – (American) 2.17:1 odds, (European) 2.08:1 odds, Payoff is 2:1

Red/Black Bet – (American) 1.11:1 odds, (European) 1.06:1 odds, Payoff is 1:1

Odd/Even Bet – (American) 1.11:1 odds, (European) 1.06:1 odds, Payoff is 1:1

High/Low Bet – (American) 1.11:1 odds, (European) 1.06:1 odds, Payoff is 1:1

As you can see, players deal with a variety of different payouts and roulette odds. And you won’t really gain any more of an edge over the house by choosing one bet over another, so bankroll management is the biggest key to roulette strategy.

For example, players with small bankrolls would do well to avoid making single number and split bets because it takes so long to win these wagers (on average). And while the payoff might be high when you do win, it could take 40 or more bets before you finally haul in some money. On the other hand, odd/even and high/low bets give you almost a 50% chance of winning, so they’re excellent wagers to make on a budget.

One more thing worth discussing is the top line bet in American roulette. This is the worst wager in the game since it yields a 7.69% edge to the house, so you should avoid it at all costs.

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